Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stock tips on investing in US stock market

Here is the guidelines on opening a US stock market account

1. You need a photocopy of 2 IDS. ( I suggest 1 Passport and 1 Drivers license )
2. You need also a photocopy of 1 billing statement ( must have your name and current address )
3. You need to sign up some forms like signature cards and new accounts.
4. You need to mail all the forms to their ADDRESS stated on website. *
5. Deposit money using money transfer on your online broker account when opened.
( fees on banks here are from $10 to $30 ) so i suggest deposit more than $1000 on your first transfer.

*By the way, on Sogotrade you dont need to send the forms on their address, you can just scan your data's and send it to their customer support. On TDameritrade you still have to send the forms w/ signatures to their address in US.

The process is very easy actually, you just need to fund your sogotrade account $500 to get the 1 month free trades or fund your tdameritrade account $2000 to get the 1 month free trades.

I only suggested this two online brokers because they accept traders from here in our country.
I have also tried their service for a year now with no problems.

You can ask questions here on my blogsite :0) no need to be an expert to open a US account.

By the way, I also have a guidelines below on how to open in TdAmeritrade and SogoTrade.
Please post here your email address so I can use my referral program, you will also get the free trades.

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